Royal Family 'Sex Slave' Scandal Gets Worse with Publication of Diary

royal familyPoor Kate Middleton. It should be all about her baby bump, but the press has lately been more focused on her husband's uncle's sex slave scandal. Prince William's uncle, Prince Andrew, has been accused by a now-30-year-old woman of having sex with her several times when she was underage. At the time, she says she was 17, and living in Florida with the prince's pedophile pal, Jeffrey Epstein. The prince has denied the shocking allegations. Now a diary purportedly written by the woman in question, Virginia Roberts, has been published by RadarOnline. And the diary is NOT at all flattering to the former playboy prince.


Roberts, who says she was Epstein's sex slave though it's unclear how he was forcefully keeping her enslaved, also claims she was forced to have sex with a series of rich and powerful men to keep Epstein happy -- one of those men she claims was the prince. Although a picture of Virginia when she was 17 and a grinning Prince Andrew with his arm around her does exist, the royal denies everything.

So either Virginia was making up these diary entries, or the prince isn't telling the truth. Who knows which! Some highlights or, shall we say, lowlights:

[Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman who acted as the "madame" of Epstein's underage harem] sat down next to me, as I was just starting to uncover the sheets and told me told me excitedly we were going shopping because I needed a new dress I could wear to dance with a prince. ‘Wow, what?’ were the first words that popped into my head, not knowing that meant using my body as entertainment for another rich pedophile, or worst, being convinced it was exciting ... We were expecting his royal highness, Prince Andrew.

Virginia claims that Maxwell had Prince Andrew guess Virginia's age, and when he guessed 17, Virginia lied and said no, she was 16, and Maxwell added, "She'll be too old for us soon."

At dinner, Virginia wrote:

The Prince’s attention towards me amplified … making eye contact at every given chance and concentrating at my plunging V-neck top.

They then went to a nightclub, where the prince allegedly procured her an alcoholic cocktail, despite her age. She uncharitably writes:

He was the most incredibly hideous dancer I had ever seen and not to mention how embarrassing it was to have to be the one he was smashing pelvics with, even if he was a prince.

Well, you know what they say about men who can't dance. The two then went back to Epstein's mansion, where Virginia supposedly drew him a bath and things got more intimate:

He was caressing every part of my naked body and filling my head with endless compliments about my blossoming figure.

She claims that the prince even kissed her toes. Must run in the family because remember when Andrew's ex-wife, Fergie, got caught having her toes sucked by her lover? But I digress.

According to Virginia, the prince wasn't exactly the most attentive lover: As soon as he'd had his fun, he quickly got dressed and absconded.

Hm, Prince Andrew might be British royalty but it sounds like he's a peasant when it comes to more important things. That is, if any of this is remotely true. And who knows about that.

Do you believe Virginia? And do you really think he's a hideous dancer?

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