Duggars Are Victims of Bullying & 'Vicious Ridicule,' According to Family Friend

The Duggar family has been accused of "hate" probably more times than they have kids, for their strong and outspoken opinion about the sanctity of marriage belonging between one man and one woman. Anyone that's heard of 19 Kids and Counting, and the fact that they don't even date, shouldn't be surprised they hold such opinions. However, it doesn't seem to stop some people from coming out and "bullying" them, according to one very well known family friend.


Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has defended the Duggars and their position on same-sex marriage in his latest book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy, and has even gone so far as to say they've been bullied.

He calls the Duggar kids "every parent's dream" in their "attitudes toward each other, their parents, and their chores." (Maybe he didn't read Growing Up Duggar, in which Jana describes Jessa torturing her nightly by kicking on the bottom of her bunk bed.)

Anyway, the former GOP presidential candidate wrote, "I've marveled at the exemplary manners and behavior of all [Jim Bob and Michelle's] children."

And you know what? They are really great kids. They're family focused, kind to all, even if they disagree, and are eager to follow God's word. And for that, Huckabee said they "have endured relentless and vicious ridicule from the snobby and snotty sophisticates."

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He continued that the bullies attacking the Duggars "exemplify their own jealousy of how well behaved the Duggar kids are compared to the little hellions and yuppie larvae created by the critics of the Duggars."

Yuppie larvae ... well that's descriptive.

Of course we're assuming that these attacks are the ones like the Change.org petition to get 19 Kids and Counting off the air, in response to the family removing pictures of gay couples kissing from the Facebook fan page after they issued a "kissing challenge." That itself was in response to the backlash caused by newlyweds Jessa and Ben Seewald posting a super romantic pic of them smooching on Instragram just days after they wed.

Do the Duggars have haters? Of course they do. They're reality stars, they're Christian and right wing, and they believe in traditional marriage. I think the bullying and hating has a lot more to do with that than how well-mannered their kids are. Bu that's just me.

Do you think criticism directed toward the Duggars is deserved, or is it bullying?


Image via Duggar Fam/Instagram

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