Kim Kardashian's New Makeup-Free Selfie Raises One Big Question

Kim Kardashian

Queen of the selfie Kim Kardashian is often condemned for, well, just about everything. From her heavy makeup looks, to wearing next to nothing in subzero weather, to ... bare butt photos, the woman obviously isn't afraid to open herself up to criticism. And man, she's more than received her fair share of it, don't you think? (Gah.)


But after seeing the new makeup-free selfie she posted to Instagram today, there's no way anyone can do anything other than applaud her.

A little no make up selfie getting my nails did �

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

That's right, check out au naturale Kim (and for once we don't mean she's naked.)

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While lounging around "getting her nails did" (her words, not ours, obviously,) the reality maven snapped this photo sans cosmetics and she looks absolutely stunning. With her hair piled high and perfectly arched brows, we think Kim actually looks younger and fresher without her standard face on. (That's assuming she really is totally bare-faced in this pic, of course.)

On that note, we beg of you Kim, quit it with the dramatic makeup already and show us this toned down side to you more often. We love it! Seriously, why doesn't she go the fresh-faced route a little more often? If you looked this good without the goop, would you really bother putting it on every single morning?

(I didn't think so.)

Do you think Kim looks better without makeup?

Image via Peter Kramer/NBC

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