Katy Perry is Back with John Mayer & We Officially Give Up on Her

Katy PerryOh, Katy Perry. SIGH. At this point, I feel like Katy is that girlfriend of mine who keeps making the same stupid mistakes over and over and over and I just want to smack her in the jaw and tell her to "Snap out of it!" but I know it won't do a lick of good, and she'll be back to making the same damn mistake within five minutes. Thank GOD I am not truly friends with Katy, because her pals must be pulling out their hair by now. Because Katy has made that same mistake again, y'all. She is back with John Mayer!


A source told RadarOnline:

Katy and John are back together. Although her friends have warned her to be careful, she is already ignoring all of the red flags. She is not listening to anyone and is going into this full force.

Apparently it got John so jealous that Katy was with DJ Diplo that he pursued her like mad until he got her back.

Katy, that is what men like John do!!! They want you when someone else wants you, but as soon as they have you, they start thinking, Meh.

Katy: The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You will not get different results. John Mayer is a guy pushing 40 who can't commit. I know, everyone thought that about George Clooney too. And you know what? I STILL think that about George Clooney. Come back to me in two years, Team Clooney, and then you can say, "I told you so."

Okay, sure, a few hardcore womanizers seem to have changed. I'll grant that Warren Beatty, probably the most prolific womanizer of his or any other time, seems to have settled into a fine husband. But do we REALLY ever know what goes on behind closed doors? Besides, he and Annette Bening didn't make up and break up 60 times before they got married.

But back to Katy. The source continues:

Katy is giving John another chance because she feels like there could be something there.

Katy. SIGH. There IS something there. It's called heartbreak.

Have you ever given a guy too many chances?


Image via Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment



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