Kate Middleton 'Traumatized' by Prince Andrew's Sex Scandal

kate middleton

Recently, extremely unsettling news broke that the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, allegedly was involved in a sex scandal with under-aged girls. The royal, who's Prince William's uncle, is denying the claims, but not sure how many people are buying his story -- including Kate Middleton. According to reports, Prince Andrew's sex scandal has the Duchess of Cambridge shaking in her nude LK Bennett pumps. The royals don't exactly have a good track record when it comes to monogamy -- Prince Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla Parker-Bowles and Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, reportedly had a tryst with Zsa Zsa Gabor. Is Prince William going to cheat next?


A report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry (no, not the most credible website) is claiming that the Duchess of Cambridge "has been traumatized" by Prince Andrew's sex scandal out of fear that her husband will inevitably go down a similar philandering path. 

It's probably wise to take this report with a gallon or two of salt, but if there is any truth to this, I think we all need to collectively send the Duchess a giant virtual hug. Of course, none of us personally know Prince William (Prince Harry, you're not reading this, right?), but it just so doesn't seem like the kind of thing he'd do. He and Kate seem so much different, so much more modern than the rest of the stuffy old royals. It would be one of the most shocking scandals ever if Prince William strayed. Then again, stranger things have happened. 

If there is any credence to this report, let's just chalk it up to Kate being hormonal right now. Hopefully, once she gives birth, all trust will be restored in her marriage. 

Though, man, this family has a truly horrendous track record. 

Do you think Prince William would ever cheat?

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