Matthew Perry Admits the Sad Truth About 'Friends'

Matthew PerryWe know, we know -- there's no plan for a Friends reunion. As much as we might want one. That's not what the sad, sad truth about Friends is, as revealed by Matthew Perry in a recent interview about his upcoming sitcom The Odd Couple.


E! News recently caught up with the star after his 2015 TCA Winter Press Tour panel, and even though he was promoting a new show, he didn't mind reminiscing about the show that made him a household name.

"I didn't envision living past 2000 so I had no idea [how big Friends would get]," he shared with a few reporters. "I never really thought about the future and I had no idea I would ever be involved in something as big as Friends and I will never be involved in anything as big as Friends ever again because TV is so different now."

Agghhh! Do you see what he's saying? There never will be anything like Friends again, because the nature of TV watching has changed so much.

Think about it. When you had 22 or 24 episodes spread out over an entire year, you really felt like you knew them. You had breaks in between episodes to gossip about them with your other friends, make predictions, and generally get to know them.

Now we binge watch. I'm as excited for House of Cards season 3 as the next girl who shamelessly admits to keeping a box of wine in my fridge, but I will definitely have to jog my memory to keep up with Francis and Clare when they hit my Netflix next month.

But I could tell you every time Mona should've broken up with Ross before she finally did.

Despite the womp-womp nature of Perry's comment, he has high hopes for The Odd Couple.

"With the timeslot we have for The Odd Couple, it's ideal," Perry said. "It's exactly where we want to be, after the biggest comedy on television; our premiere episode is after The Big Bang Theory and before the final episode of Two and a Half Men. I couldn't ask for anything better than that."

He continued with gratitude for the success he achieved on his first sitcom. "Being on Friends has allowed me to have my pick of a lot of TV shows I want to do," Perry said. "I try to choose things that are generally off the beaten path. But [The Odd Couple] is straight down the line, just an attempt to be funny on a big hit show."

When asked why he keep returning to a multi-cam format, the star joked, "I am doing The Odd Couple because my attempt at being a movie star failed."

He added, laughing, "I have to work ... there was a time when Friends was over when I was like, 'Oh, I can retire now if I want!' I guess I did that for six months but there's only so many video games a man can play. I decided I needed to go back to work, and I've had fun writing, too. It's fun, and I need to do it. I need that creative outlet."

But what about a Friends reunion, Matthew? Puh-lease??

"It's still on all the time!" he laughed when asked about it. "Listen, there's always talk about a reunion, but there's no real talk about that. There's been no talk about a reunion. We try to get together and have dinner once in a while, and even that's hard to do! We've just told all the stories that needed to be told. We told 237 of them."

237 episodes of comedy gold. Could we be any more delighted they're all on Netflix now?

Do you wish Friends would do a reunion show?


Image via Rob Latour for LE/Splash News

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