Khloe Kardashian's Sexy New Photo Shows Almost … Everything!

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Dang. The Kardashian sisters are all killing it lately. There's Kim's gorgeous new Vogue Australia shoot; Khloe's super sexy Cosmopolitan UK pics; and, um ... Kourtney eating her own placenta? JK. But, let's talk about Khloe's Cosmo photos for a moment here -- wow. The youngest Kardashian sister looks smokin'! On Monday, Khloe posted a pic from the shoot and I seriously doubt anyone has ever seen a higher cut bathing suit (or is that underwear?) than the one Khloe's wearing. 

Lamar? French? Close your eyes. Your ex has never looked hotter. Check out the pic:


Gorgeous! And I love how Khloe's slightly smiling in this photo, as opposed to doing the classic (Kim) Kardashian pout. It makes the shot a little more playful (and a little different!) than we're used to. Also, anyone else get a slight 80's Dynasty vibe here? The big hair. The off-the-shoulder sweater. The drop earrings.

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Although we all love to look at Kim, it's nice to see another KDash sister landing a major magazine cover -- especially when it's Khloe. (And no doubt, Khloe's accompanying Cosmo interview is more relatable than Kim's Vogue piece. Snooooze.)

There have been reports lately, saying that Khloe is in a bad place right now after her breakup with French and impending divorce from Lamar. Who knows how much truth there is to the gossip, but if anything can cheer a girl up, it's having super sexy photos of yourself in a major magazine. 

Work it, KoKo!

How hot does Khloe look here?

Images via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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