Kim Kardashian's Butt Looks More Fake Than Ever Before (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Huh. It's a pretty well known fact that Kim Kardashian's butt is a total force to be reckoned with, but after seeing it make another eye-catching appearance at the security checkpoint at JFK airport? Um, how shall I put this? It's so damn big that it defies every single law of nature, to the point where we're wondering how in the heck it can possibly be real. Feast your eyes.


Kim Kardashian

Are. You. Kidding. Me?!? It looks like she stuffed a pillow down her skirt, for crying out loud!

I mean, I know she was getting ready to board a long flight back to LA and all, so perhaps she really did add some additional padding back there to ease the pain of sitting in a first class seat? Nah. That can't be it.

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She repeatedly insists that every single inch of her curves is a result of hard work and countless hours in the gym, but good GAWD -- how does she have a butt like that when the rest of her body is so slim and petite?

I'm not accusing her of going under the knife or anything, but OMG, who else thinks it looks like Kim got implants or something?!?

If you have another explanation for why her rear end is so much heftier than the rest of her physique, please, enlighten me, because I'm simply not convinced there isn't something fishy going on here.

Do you think Kim's butt is real?


Images via KK/Splash News

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