Beyonce May Have Just Announced She's Pregnant With Baby #2 (PHOTO)


The moment we have been waiting for may have just happened. Beyonce may be pregnant with baby number two and the reason this is suspected has nothing to do with baggy clothes or seeing what is thought to be a baby bump. It's believe Bey and Jay are growing their family because of the cryptic photograph of Beyonce on the beach posted on her Instagram. Feast your eyes on this ....


A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) onJan 11, 2015 at 9:49am PST


Oh Beyonce. We have missed your baby growing body. Please let this be the sign we have been waiting for. Blue Ivy wants a sibling -- she has no doubt whispered it to Papa when he reads her bedtime stories. Jay Z wants to cuddle with a newborn and dream up a new name potentially picked from the rainbow.

I could picture the scene there on the beach. Let's bury Mommy and hint to the world that she is making another baby. Pile all the sand on her belly and let the world guess. Without a caption on the photo, that's exactly what we are all doing.

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The Carters were vacationing in Thailand and Cambodia, and also just celebrated Blue Ivy's third birthday. Maybe the sassy couple were just reminiscing about the time Bey was pregnant with Blue and so they crafted her a sand belly. But maybe -- just maybe -- there is a baby Carter in there. We can dream.

Do you think this is a hint that Beyonce is pregnant?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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