Kim Kardashian's Ex-Boyfriend May Be Moving Next Door to Her

It should be against the law for ex-boyfriends to live within a mile of you once you've cut ties. Kim Kardashian has it 100 times worse than most women because the man who essentially made her famous with an infamous sex tape -- that would be singer/producer Ray J -- is apparently moving just a few doors down from her.


Ray J has reportedly offered a cool $2.7 million to buy a house located just eight homes away from Kim, Kanye, and little North West. The mansion is a doozy, we hear, and features three horse stalls -- which shouldn't shock anyone since Kardashian's street is probably as large and spaced out as some neighborhoods.

Assuming his offer is accepted, this could have the potential to be pretty awkward. Kim and her ex didn't exactly leave off on friendly terms. We understand that they made a sex tape together that has been viewed by billions of people around the world, but that is no excuse for Ray J to continue talking about it and about Kim, whom he reportedly called a "straight freak who was down to do whatever..."

We know Kim is trying to move on with her life and divorce herself from some of the mistakes she made in the past, but Ray J has used Twitter to continue poking fun at her when it really isn't warranted and just makes him look silly, immature, and as if he needs her to keep relevant. 

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As for his potential move, I'm betting each home on Kim's street is the width of three football fields and that, even if Ray J winds up moving eight homes away, they will never run into each other.

Which is definitely for the better.

Do you think Kim is freaking out knowing she might be "neighbors" with ex Ray J?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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