Kim Kardashian Lets Us Know How She Really Feels About Kourtney & It's Not Good

Kim KardashianRemember when we thought that Kim Kardashian threw some shade at younger sister Kendall, and said she "bought" her a career? Since Kendall is arguably the only sister with a career outside of the TV shows, who else would it be, right? But that made Kim look so jealous and bitter that she's decided to come forward and let us all know who she was really talking about before it appears on the show -- and it's not Kendall.


It all started when Kim was glimpsed in a preview for KUWTK's new season, sniping, "I'm not buying her any shoes, I bought her a career!"

The sister she was talking about? Well ... it's Kourtney! Huh? Kim confessed to the

That was not about Kendall. It hurt me when people thought I would say that about her.

She then went on to finally admit it was Kourtney, saying:

Kourtney was being a little difficult with me.

Oh, let me guess ... Kourt wouldn't let Kim use her home without permission again?

I guess when you think about it, Kourtney probably wouldn't have a career without Kim. It was Kim's sex tape that actually got the attention of TV execs and why the entire clan were able to get KUWTK on air.

But, really, all the kids owe a debt of gratitude to Kris, who no doubt worked like a horse to get them a TV deal. And to Bruce, who was the only one anyone had ever heard of before the show aired. Hey, let's throw in Kim's dad, Robert, too. He was famous long before any of his children for defending O.J. Simpson in his murder trial.

And, jeez, Kim might want to thank Ray J too.

Seems like everyone bought everyone a career in that home. And I'm still not sure Kourtney really has a career. Though she might want to give a little nod to Scott, who certainly wouldn't have a television career without Kourtney, but who is charming enough that no one would really care about Kourtney if it wasn't for him.

Just my two cents, y'all.

But you have to wonder why Kim seems to hate Kourtney so much. Maybe 'cause she can spit out babies like other people spit out grape seeds?

Would Kourtney have a career without Kim?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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