Mark Wahlberg's Wife Slams Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ads (VIDEO)

There's only one Calvin Klein underwear model and Justin Bieber ain't it -- so says model Rhea Durham -- a.k.a. wife of Mark Wahlberg, the "original" CK hunk-in-boxer-briefs. While the nation debates whether Justin's body was photoshopped to enhance both his abs and his manhood, and while the pop singer's legal team threatens to sue for posting a GIF showing Justin transforming from normal to jacked up dreamboat, Rhea has already weighed in with her thoughts, and let's just say, she's on Team Mark.


Rhea has always had super-nice things to say about her husband, with whom she shares four children. But the 36-year-old took things one step further when she slammed Calvin Klein's latest poster boy with a series of tweets, including this one, which angered quite a few beliebers:

In case Rhea didn't make her feelings perfectly clear, she followed up with:

She must have gotten pretty tired of the Twitter hate she had to endure after speaking her mind, so she tried to play sort-of nice next:

And then she just gave up because, you know, you'd have to be out of your mind to argue with a) a 17-year-old girl or b) a belieber:

Those of us who grew up in the '90s will forever have this image of Marky Mark (as we will always refer to him) etched in our pubescent brains:

Considering how this photo was taken back before photoshop was such a big deal, we assume he was retouched slightly, but those, my friends, are his abs. No doubt about it. Notice how I'm not even going to get into body parts located south of his abs -- but we'll assume it's all real.

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But it's a brave new world and Justin B. is this decade's Mark Wahlberg. I thought he did a fine job posing for the pics and Rhea should probably just chill with her comments. We know Mark is the original. We know he's the only person on the planet who can upstage Kate Moss, but that was then and, sigh, this is now -- photoshop and all. 

Just for old time's sake, this Calvin Klein commercial is exactly the reason why Rhea feels so strongly about her husband. Can't say we blame her:

 Which Calvin Klein model do you prefer -- Justin or Mark?


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