Hot Actor Reveals He Has a Crush on Amy Poehler (VIDEO)

We've loved Amy Poehler since her days on Saturday Night Live and we can certainly understand why every guy on earth would fall head over heels for her. She's beautiful, talented, smart, and one of the funniest ladies around. Who wouldn't want to be in her company 24/7? Well, one actor didn't hold back his thoughts on Amy, who is set to host the Golden Globes tomorrow night with BFF Tina Fey -- and that mysterious, quirky, and yes, HOT, star is ... Joaquin Phoenix. The Inherent Vice star gushed about Amy on Jimmy Kimmel Live and we don't get the feeling he was joking.


Without any prompting from Jimmy, Joaquin awkwardly (did I say "awkwardly?" I meant, "adorably") revealed that he finds Amy totally attractive, despite not being able to pronounce her last name. You're forgiven, Joaquin.

He then said the 43-year-old Parks and Recreation star is on his mind because she will be hosting the Golden Globes and that he's actually nervous about seeing her at the show because he doesn't know what to say to her.

It should be noted that Amy already has a boyfriend -- Nick Kroll. No offense to Nick, who is awesome, but it's not like they're married, right? There's still hope that Amy and Joaquin could make this happen.

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Amy is just the kind of woman Joaquin needs to help draw him out of that sexy shell he pretty much lives in. Sure, they seem like total opposites whose first date would be beyond odd. But opposites often attract.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for men of few words who make their feelings known on live TV. Check out the video clip:

Can you picture Joaquin and Amy together?


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