Madonna Reaches New Low Promoting 'Rebel Heart' Album

Madonna rebel heart

Oh Madonna, no! The queen of reinvention made a major boo boo on social media this week when she used the shootings at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo to promote her new album. Gross! Expressing horror at the atrocities committed in Paris is totally called for, sure, but using it to sell a few more records? Not okay. 

Using her Instagram account, Madonna shared images of the #JeSuisCharlie movement to support the work of the slain journalists. So far, not bad, right? Yeah, until she included both her album's name AND a track title among her politically aware hashtags. Barf in my mouth, for lo, that is in just exceptionally bad taste. I think it's safe to say that we could make it an actual rule: If you are using the recently deceased to try and promote yourself, you are dangerously close to becoming a monster garbage person. 


It's even more disheartening because her message was a good one. The singer can be quoted as saying, "These are very scary times we're living in. Ignornace breeds intolerance and fear." Then she went on to say, "BUY MY ALBUM BUY MY ALBUM MAMA NEEDS MORE FACIAL FILLERS Y'ALL." Okay, she didn't actually SAY that, but she might as well have, because ending her words of wisdom and hope with hashtags promoting her own work is essentially just as bad as a caps-lock plea to the masses.  


I'd be less quietly enraged by this if Madonna's work was all about politics and culture, but ... this is not the case! The broad may personally care deeply about a wide variety of things, but, uh, that's not exactly on display in any of her recent work, right?

Rebel Heart, her forthcoming album, is no exception. Look at track number two from the album, "Devil Pray." I mean, for one thing, the song sounds like a parody of a Madonna song. You can easily imagine Kristen Wiig doing the impression and mouthing along to THE ACTUAL LYRICS OF THIS SONG: "We can do drugs and we can smoke weed and we can drink whiskey. Yeah and we can get high and we can get stoned and we can sniff glue and we can do e and we can drop acid."


This is not a Madonna who wants to make the world safe for freedom of expression. This is a Madonna who just wants to shock and provoke and is doing it -- but not in the way she intended. The only real shock-factor in the Madonna-sphere these days is just how out of touch she's become. 

What's your favorite Madonna moment?


Images via Madonna/Instagram

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