Bill Cosby Makes Fun of Sexual Abuse Allegations in Latest Stand Up Routine

Bill CosbyThere's no accounting for taste. Although, I must assume that anyone who attends an event headlined by Bill Cosby these days is firmly in the He Didn't Do It Camp. That's the only way to explain the applause the legendary comedian received after making a joke about the sexual assault allegations against him that have surfaced in recent months, during a stand up routine in Canada on Thursday, January 8.



In an appearance in Ontario, London earlier tonight at Budweiser Gardens, a woman exited the front row. Cosby asked from the stage where she was going, and she responded that she was going to get a drink, and asked if he'd like one too.

The Cosby Show actor reportedly responded, "I already have one," and pointed to his bottle of water onstage. Then he added, "You have to be careful about drinking around me."

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Um, yeah. Just about every single allegation (of which there have been a plethora) against Cosby has involved him drugging young women with alcohol and/or harder stuff. It's hardly the time to be making jokes like this, regardless of whether he's innocent or guilty.

There were apparently some gasps from the audience, but mostly claps and laughter.

Two men were removed from the scene, after having a vehement reaction to his little joke. As security dragged them away, one man was heard yelling, "We don't love you, Bill! You are a rapist. I'm being ejected because you are a rapist."

Then the audience booed him, at least until Cosby asked them to stop.

It was the second day of his Canadian tour, and I think it's safe to say that the audience was largely receptive. They cheered loudly when Cosby took the stage, laughed throughout the entire show (well, he is funny, you have to admit, no matter what bad things he may or may not have done), and gave him a standing ovation at the end of the two-hour set.

With all the media coverage of Bill Cosby's alleged sexual abuse of a multitude of women, it's hard to know what to make of this information. But making a joke out of it was probably a bad idea -- even if the audience laughed.

Do you think Bill Cosby's joke was in poor taste?


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