The Next Duggar Wedding May Be a Controversial One

Is another Duggar wedding on the horizon? It looks like there might be -- but it might be a little bit different than the three 19 Kids and Counting weddings we've seen thus far. For instance, the couple that may be tying the knot has already kissed.


Josh Duggar was the first of Jim Bob and Michelle's children to get married, when he wed Anna in 2008. They famously shared their first kiss at the altar. His younger sister Jill Duggar followed suit when she married Derick Dillard in June 2014.

Their sister Jessa Duggar also waited until she and Ben Seewald had said their vows to lock lips, but these two went a step further and waited an extra five minutes so they could share their first kiss in private behind closed doors.

But now it's cousin Amy Duggar, 28, who may be headed down the aisle next, and she has a slightly different philosophy when it comes to courting. As in she doesn't really do it -- she dates. And she kisses her boyfriend, 27-year-old Dillon King.

According to Radar Online, Amy (who is also known as Amy Jordan) has been gushing about marrying the printing firm owner, although there has been no confirmation of an official engagement.

But would the union have Uncle Jim Bob's stamp of approval? It's hard to tell. We know the couple has kissed -- Amy even shared this steamy photo on Instagram to celebrate the New Year.

But there's no reason to believe they've done anything more than kiss, and depending on your viewpoint of sexual purity and physical intimacy, there's nothing wrong with kissing. Besides -- even if they were doing more, wouldn't getting hitched sort of solve the problem? Just saying.

Then there's that whole character thing, which may be a problem too. It seems as though King has a $579 state tax lien, stemming from his failure to pay a tax debt on time.

It might not seem like that huge of a deal, but the Duggars are famously anti-debt, and Jim Bob has said his philosophy on it is "owe no man anything but love."

It's tough to say whether Amy and Dillon will be able to get Jim Bob and Michelle's official blessing for any impending nuptials, but one thing is probably for sure -- it's going to be a little bit different than the Duggar weddings we've seen in the past! Heck, Amy might even decide to wear a strapless gown. You never know exactly what that wild child is going to do.

Do you think Amy Duggar will be next to get married?


Image via Amy Duggar/Instagram

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