15 Shocking Things About Victoria Beckham You Never Knew (PHOTOS)

Lauren Brown | Jan 8, 2015 Celebrities
15 Shocking Things About Victoria Beckham You Never Knew (PHOTOS)

Victoria BeckhamWhether you were a Spice Girls fan back in the day or love her fabulous life with David Beckham -- there's just something about Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice, that we can't get enough of. Yet it seems that we really don't know that much about the singer-turned-fashion-designer, do we?

Or rather, we didn't, until now. She took part in Vogue's 73 Questions video series and gave some amazing insight on her life and loves. Here are 15 things we learned about Posh that you'll be surprised to know!


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  • What Is Victoria's Spirit Animal?


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    Victoria, classy as always, said it's a swan!

  • What Superpower Does Victoria Covet?


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    The very convenient ability to sleep AND work out at the very same time!

  • What Piece of Fashion From the US Would Victoria Bring to the UK?


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    Not what we were expecting either but Victoria wants to bring the fanny pack across the pond! If anyone can make it stylish, she can!

  • Does Victoria Believe in Love at First Sight?


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  • The Reason Victoria Fell in Love With David at First Sight ...


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    One simple response -- "duh!"

  • Does Victoria Have a Secret Talent?


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    Why yes she does ... or did. Victoria used to be able to juggle.

  • Victoria's Favorite Prince?


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    Don't make Victoria choose between Prince Harry and Prince William -- she won't do it!

  • What Does Victoria Do First Thing in the Morning?


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    She checks on her four kids with husband David Beckham -- Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper!

  • The Duet Victoria Is Dying to Do?


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    It already happened! “I’ve dueted with Sir Elton John and it doesn't get much better than that," Victoria says.

  • The One Item of Clothing She Would Wear for the Rest of Her Life ...


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    Knickers, of course. That's panties in US speak!

  • What Is Misery to Victoria?


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    Without missing a beat, Victoria says, "Kathy Bates is the definition of Misery." If you haven't seen the Oscar winning performance -- rent it and you'll immediately see what she means!

  • What Is Victoria's Favorite Spice?


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    What else but POSH of course!

  • What Movie Would Victoria Most Want to Star In?


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    You're in luck -- Victoria already starred in it! Ever see a little gem called Spice World? "I'm still waiting for my outstanding achievement award," she says!

  • What Is ONE Thing That Victoria Thinks You'll Be Most Surprised to Know?


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    "I'm comedy gold!"

  • But Wait, Then Why Doesn't Victoria Ever Smile?


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    Victoria IS smiling, don't you know? "I'm smiling on inside -- I feel I have a responsibility to the fashion community!" she explains.

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