Teresa Giudice Starts Her First Week in Prison With Some Good News

Teresa Giudice

I admit, my thoughts have been with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice ever since she entered the Danbury Federal Correctional Institute on Monday morning to serve a 15-month sentence for fraud. Fifteen months is a LONG time to be away from her family -- but there is finally a silver lining for Teresa.


Teresa can breathe a little easier and take comfort in knowing that, according to the Bureau of Prisons' "inmate locator" feature, her release date is now February 5, 2016. Much better than her original release date of April 5, 2016. Yes, 13 months is still going to feel like an eternity to Teresa, but knowing she's that much closer to being reunited with her daughters has to help.

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I really can't stop wondering how Teresa is holding up. Admittedly, my only knowledge of jail life is what I've seen on Orange Is the New Black (and Teresa is actually serving at the prison the show is based on), so I have images of her getting "starved out" at meals and flipping tables in protest. I'm sure in reality that Teresa is keeping to herself or maybe making a few friends. I like to think she's giving makeovers to her bunk mate.

And who knows, if Teresa's already getting less time after just four days behind bars, maybe she'll get to serve even less time for good behavior? This is the woman who famously said on RHONJ season 1 that she would never live in anything but a brand new house. Yeah, jail is about as used of living conditions as you can get, so I wonder how she's coping. But really, the main reason I hope Teresa can get this over with as quickly as possible is so she can be there for her daughters. They need their mother, and Teresa definitely needs them.

What do you think about Teresa already getting a reduced sentence?

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