Kristen Stewart Might Have a Girlfriend So Let's Officially Give Up on Her & Rob, Shall We?

In case you've been wondering what Kristen Stewart is up to while her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson indulges in PDA sessions with singer FKA Twigs, wonder no more. KStew and her galchum/galpal/female pal, etc., Alicia Cargile, who reportedly lives with her, took a vacation to Hawaii. Oh, and they were photographed appearing to kiss and hold hands. So, erm, there's that.


Of course, there have been plenty of rumors that the tomboyish Kristen is a lesbian, but who knows really. Just because she prefers sneaks and men's pants to Louboutins and miniskirts doesn't mean she's a lesbian. But we shouldn't assume she's not either.

I mean, if she's living with a female, vacationing with a female, and holding hands and kissing said female, well, if it looks and acts and quacks like a duck, then Kristen might be gay.

But that doesn't mean her relationship with Rob was "fake." Plenty of people are bisexual. Plenty of people come out later, but that doesn't negate the feelings they had for the opposite sex partners they were with before.

But if she is a lesbian, you do have to wonder how Rob feels. Does he think the relationship was fake? And let's not forget plenty of people thought it was fake anyway and just a big PR stunt for the Twilight franchise.

If RadarOnline sources are to be believed, the pair even got matching tattoos recently and that Kristen does not care anymore what people might think. Says the source:

When Kristen and Alicia were in Hawaii for New Years, I am sure that they thought no one was going to see them. But they are not exactly nonchalant about their relationship anymore. She just doesn’t care what people think anymore. Kristen is happy and she is just being herself.

There is something really interesting about the narrative of two people who played fantastically unrealistic soul mates in three movies not being like that at all in real life. Kristen cheated. Then Rob found a girlfriend who couldn't be more unlike Kristen. Now Kristen may have found a girlfriend who couldn't be more unlike Rob.

Real life is much more interesting, if ya ask me.

Well, one thing is for sure. I can stop starting my posts about Rob and Twigs with, "Kristen, look away!!"

Do you think Kristen and Rob's relationship was real?

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