Jimmy Fallon Blew His Chance to Date Nicole Kidman (VIDEO)

Imagine finding out -- years too late -- that you could have dated Brad Pitt. That's pretty much the equivalent of Jimmy Fallon discovering last night that guest Nicole Kidman was totally into him but thought he wasn't interested when, instead of making a move while she was at his apartment years ago, he pulled a total boy and turned on a video game. Needless to say, Fallon practically fainted when she broke the heartbreaking news on The Tonight Show.


So here's what happened: several years before Fallon and Kidman were married (to other people, of course), Kidman's friend called up the comedian while they were in New York City and told him he was going to bring the actress over because she wanted to talk to him about appearing in Bewitched with her.

And Fallon actually believed that excuse -- god, men are clueless!

When she arrived at his apartment, Kidman said he was wearing some old sweats, would barely talk to her, and then committed the cardinal sin of turning on a video game, which is just insane. Can you picture having a gorgeous celeb at your home and not at least trying to serve them champagne and make small talk? Especially if you're both single?

Kidman, who is seven years older than Fallon, dropped the bomb of all bombs and admitted that she had a crush on the former Saturday Night Live star. But after she met him at his home, she gave up and assumed he was either not interested in her -- or was gay.

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Fallon honestly had no clue she dug him -- and it's evident by the look on his face and the fact that he nearly falls off of his chair when he learns he could have been Nicole Kidman's boyfriend.

The two, who are now both married with kids -- you may have heard Kidman's spouse is some guy named Keith Urban -- joked about their encounter oh-so-many years ago and about what might have been.

Check out this really adorable and funny clip and let us know if you sense any lingering chemistry between these two: 

Do you think Nicole and Jimmy would have made a good couple?


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