Teresa Giudice's Lawyer Predicts She'll Get Out of Prison Early


Teresa GiudiceTeresa Giudice has only served two days of her 15-month prison sentence, but her lawyer, James L. Leonard Jr. is predicting she not actually be a Danbury inmate that long. In an interview with E! News, the attorney shared his optimism over Giudice's sentence -- and even revealed what prison job she's hoping for.


"I think she hopes to turn it into something positive," Leonard said. "She indicated that if she had her choice to work she would like to work in the kitchen facility because she's obviously a good cook."

He said that even though Joe Giudice was emotional as his wife was incarcerated in the early hours of Monday morning, Teresa was in "upbeat spirits," and determined "ta take it one day at a time."

"This is a very strong family and they're going to be fine," Leonard explained. "He told me that obviously it was a difficult day but that everybody was doing OK. He's a strong man, very strong family man, and a good father."

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He also predicted the Real Housewives of New Jersey star won't have to spend all 15 months behind bars.

"Typically, you have to do 85 percent of that sentence, so that calculation comes out to a little under 13 months," he shared. "Our projections are that if nothing changes with her sentence she should be released sometime in early December."

That means the couple will have a few months together before Joe begins his four-plus year sentence in March of 2016

"There will certainly be an overlap where they will be together, which will be taxing on him and the girls," he said, adding, "These are very strong people and they're going to get through this."

Do you think Teresa Giudice will get out of jail before her full 15 months are up?


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