Kate Middleton Rudely Ridiculed for Not Gaining Enough Weight

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With both of her pregnancies, Kate Middleton has been on the receiving end of criticism about her body. The masses and the media seem to feel that the Duchess doesn't gain enough weight when she's with-child -- and that has to be just awesome for Kate, because what pregnant woman doesn't like being criticized about her body? Well, now Kate can add Queen Elizabeth to the list of people who have a strong opinion about her pregnancy weight gain -- or lack thereof. According to reports, Kate and Queen Elizabeth are currently feuding over comments the queen made about how Kate is still too thin. A source said, "The queen has told Kate to gain weight, but Kate says she would if she could! The constant nagging is not helpful."


Ugh. Talk about pressure. Surely, Kate doesn't want to annoy her grandmother-in-law (Queen of England and all), but sheesh, what's she supposed to do? The poor woman has suffered from extreme morning sickness twice now. Kate would probably love to gain weight. Nobody wants to feel like they're going to throw up 24 hours a day for months on end -- even if it keeps them looking trim.

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If this is true -- which, let's be honest, is quite debatable -- it's pretty rude of Queen Elizabeth to make such comments. Kate has had rough pregnancies both times now. What she needs is support, not people telling her to pack on the pounds when she'd probably love nothing more. 

No doubt, many things about the Duchess' pregnancy are much easier than the average woman's (a personal chef? Yes, please!), but man, talk about pressure. Not only does she have the public scrutinizing her every time she leaves her home, trying to see if she's gained weight, she has the Queen of England criticizing her. No thanks on that. 

Kate, you look beautiful! Don't listen to what everyone has to say, because you know what? If you gained too much weight, people would be commenting on that. Sadly, this is a battle you'll never be able to win. 

Do you think the queen is out of line to comment on Kate's body?

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