Nicole Kidman Shouldn't Have to Take Pictures With Fans if She Doesn't Want To

Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman may be an A-list movie star, but that doesn't mean she isn't super shy. I know that seems contradictory, given that the woman has won an Academy Award, but she admits to a certain shyness that has faded over time. But even so, she still doesn't want to take pictures with her fans.


The 47-year-old stopped by Today on Tuesday, January 6, and chatted with Matt Lauer about her upcoming movie Paddington. The host referenced Sheryl Crow's recent comment to Elle magazine, in which she said that her good friend's "poise" often makes her come off as an "ice queen."

She responded, "I'm also very shy, but as I've gotten older, I've lost some of that shyness."

But don't ask to take a selfie if you see her out with the hubs, Keith Urban, and their two darling daughters, Sunday, 6, and Faith, 4.

"Our kids don't understand what we do, so for them, it's just, 'Why is this stranger taking a photo of you?' And it's very discombobulating for them," she explained.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't truly appreciate the fans that have helped get her where she is.

"We have a very easy, warm, peaceful life," she shared. "I think that's something that I always wanted and I was heading towards and I didn't know how to find it -- and I found it now. I laugh a lot more now, I'm happier."

She continued, "It's been an extraordinary journey, my life, from a little girl who grew up in Sydney and sort of watched the Academy Awards on TV when I was just 7 years old -- to have actually come that whole distance is extraordinary."

It might be easy to label Kidman a snob who can't be bothered with fan selfies, but I really do think she's just shy about her private life and wants to be as "normal" a family as possible. Gee, I wonder why she and Tom Cruise didn't work out ...

Do you think celebs who refuse to take photos with fans are rude?


Image via Brandon Voight/Splash News

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