Kim Kardashian Gets Called Out for Ignoring Little Girl's Autograph Request

Kim KardashianOh-oh, y'all. Kim Kardashian was the latest subject of a Charlie Sheen Twitter rant -- and what an interesting one it was! Charlie, who has since deleted all the tweets, called out Kim for ignoring an autograph request from a little girl. Though he says he wrote the damning tweets a month ago, he somehow just published them (how does that happen?). In them, he called Kim's butt "gross" and "giggly" (think he means "jiggly") and told Kanye he hoped his "vision returns one day." Yikes. A Charlie Sheen/Kanye West throwdown? Now that would be worth watching! (Money on Charlie. I think he's even crazier than Kanye.)


According to Charlie, or whichever demon was sitting on his keyboard today, he was told a story by C. Thomas Howell ('memba him?) about a little girl who politely approached Kik for her autograph. Kim supposedly said to her assistant, "Oh god, can you handle this?" and then the two of them sped away in a car, leaving the little girl crestfallen.

Later, TMZ approached Charlie and asked him his feelings about Kim and he didn't hold back, calling her a "pox on the face of entertainment."

But soon after, Charlie's meds must have kicked in, because he (or his assistant) took to Twitter to issue Kim an apology. Actually, I'm pretty sure Charlie wrote it because no one writes in the uniquely mentally-ill way that Charlie can write:

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Erm, well, hopefully that's the end of that. While Kim Kardashian (who denies she ignored a little girl and says she always gives out her autograph, especially to children) may not exactly be the most esteemed star in the galaxy, neither is Charlie Sheen. I mean, at least Kim hasn't assaulted anyone or locked any prostitutes in a closet or pulled any knives on her dentist.

Team Kim or Team Charlie?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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