'Bachelor' Chris Soules' Rose for Drunk Contestant Is Concerning

Monday's Bachelor premiere played out similarly to what I consider the prank-ish audition episodes of American Idol, with contestants offering Chris Soules fake human hearts, hug tokens, and an unsolicited karaoke performance (seriously, I was half expecting former Idol hopeful William Hung to hop out of a limo singing "She Bangs").


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But for all of the oddities the current bachelorettes brought to the table, nothing was more shocking than Farmer Chris giving a rose to the drunkest girl in the room -- Tara.

Yes, the oh-so-demure Tara, who sauntered out of her chauffeured vehicle donning denim cut-offs and plaid, proceeded to get obliterated off of whiskey shots, making it nearly impossible for her to stand up straight for the rose ceremony. And yet, Chris still offered her a highly sought after flower.

Tara, whose Bachelor bio notes she can't live without chocolate, whiskey (obvi!), a childhood toy named Beave, and the ocean, also apparently has an identical twin, which could make for one heck of a Parent Trap-style very special episode if she makes it to the hometown dates.

While drunk Bachelor contestants are hardly a new thing, it begs the question, why would Chris keep this chick around when this sloppy image is his first impression of her? He had eight women to send home and he couldn't find at least one sober lady to stay?

This either makes Chris the most understanding Bachelor of all time or the dumbest. It just really concerns me for the choices he makes down the road, when the stakes get quite a bit higher.

Do you think Chris made the right decision to keep Tara?

Image via ABC

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