Kim Kardashian's Arrogance Over Kendall's Modeling Career Is Just Insane (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianThe Kardashian clan might be getting older, but that doesn't mean they're getting any wiser. Quite the opposite, actually, if the preview of the new season is any indication. We've got Kris dating a much younger man, Scott appearing to shave Khloe's privates, Khloe blubbering on the phone about something or other, Kim confronting Bruce about dating Kris's friend, and Kim pointedly sniping, "I'm not buying her a pair of fucking shoes, I bought her a career!" Popular opinion has it that she's referring to Kendall and her up-and-coming modeling career.


It's unclear why Kim would need to buy Kendall a pair of shoes, but hey, these things happen. And Kim apparently wants no part of it. In fact, since she thinks she's the one who launched Kendall, my guess is that now she'll never buy Kendall another thing again. Wedding gift? Forget that, she bought Kendall a career! Baby shower gift? Think again!

Sure, Kim most likely did introduce Kendall to designers and such, but it's still Kendall who has to get up in the morning and walk the runway. It's still Kendall who has to have the look and the exact body dimensions to book the jobs.

This might come as a surprise to Kim, but she's not the only sister who has ever opened a door for a sister. Or for a friend, distant relative, or just someone you happen to meet whom you think is talented.

This doesn't let you off the hook for pitching in for baby gifts, birthday gifts, going away parties, and celebratory bottles of champagne.

For Kim to be keeping score is quite lame. I'm sure Kim wouldn't have become successful without her mother Kris's help. What if Kris said, "I'm not buying Kim a fucking baby gift. I bought her a career! I made her famous!"

Oh lordy, you can just hear how Kim would cry foul on that one.

Sounds like Kim, who is short and curvy, is a bit jealous that Kendall is stomping the runways of all the designers Kim so admires. But, hey, Kim, you did get on the cover of Vogue! Would that have happened without Kanye? Unlikely.

Get a grip, Kimmy.

Do you think Kendall owes her career to Kim?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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