​Kate Middleton's Bold Parenting Choice Is Sure to Offend

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With their second baby on the way, Kate Middleton and Prince William are busy getting preparations in order -- particularly preparations at their Anmer Hall residence, which is where the Duchess reportedly wants to raise their children. According to sources, the future King and Queen of England's decision to spend the majority of their time at Anmer Hall, as opposed to Kensington Palace, doesn't exactly sit well with the rest of the royal family. Kate's "official" reason for wanting her children to grow up at her home in Norfolk is that she wants them to be able to enjoy more privacy. But that's not what insiders are claiming. The real reason? Kate doesn't want her kids around the royal family -- particularly Camilla Parker-Bowles, who she thinks has more influence over royal policies than she should. 

This, of course, could all be a bunch of gossip, but it's being reported that the Duchess doesn't want the stuffy old rules of Kensington Palace to be too ingrained in her children's lives. She wants little George and his baby brother- or sister-to-be (totally a sister) to be able to enjoy a "normal" childhood, very much like the one she had. Of course, the childhood Kate's kids will have is bound to be far from normal wherever they are, but having them grow up outside the intensity of Kensington Palace will definitely help things. 

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It's doubtful that everyone in the royal family fully supports Will and Kate's decision to raise their children at Anmer Hall. But at the end of the day, they're the parents and they have to do what's best for their kids, not the rest of the family. I say good for them. 

Besides, Kensington Palace will be so much more fun when it's the place they visit as opposed to the place they live. The kids will love going to grandma's house!

Do you think Kate and Will are making a good decision?

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