Halle Berry's Husband Olivier Martinez Uses Baby Car Seat ALL WRONG (VIDEO)

Halle Berry, Olivier MartinezCelebrities do sometimes lose their cool with photographers who get too close, especially if they have their children with them. So it's no huge surprise that Halle Berry's hot-headed French husband, Olivier Martinez, lost it when a man with a camera got in his face. What is unexpected is what Martinez decided to do to him -- assault him with a baby car seat.


Video shows the pair coming through the airport as security escorts them past a throng of paparazzi. Things seem to be going well, but apparently Martinez was not happy with the onboard service that day, because he suddenly turns on a guy with a camera -- shoving him to the ground. And he uses his baby's car seat as his weapon of choice.

Berry is carrying 1-year-old Maceo and appears to be holding 6-year-old Nahla's hand (celebs have plenty of nannies but never want to appear with them in public!) when hubby Martinez turns the baby car seat into an instrument of violence.

After the man -- who turned out to work for the airport -- is shoved to the ground, the paps surround Martinez and begin screaming at him about violence in front of his children.

C'mon, paps, these are the children of Halle, Gabriel Aubry, and Olivier, so I think they must be quite accustomed to drama by now!

The man who was knocked down with the car seat was reportedly hospitalized with stomach pain and has filed a battery report against Martinez.

This is seriously no way to use a baby car seat. I think Martinez needs to sign up for some baby car seat classes, stat!

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I shudder to think what might have happened if Martinez were also carrying a bottle, a rattle, or a Power Wheels Dune Racer. Everyone, stay away from Martinez and his cache of dangerous baby gear!

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