Teresa Giudice's Last Meal Before Prison Was No Fabulicious Feast

teresa giudiceMost times it must be tough being able to relate to a Real Housewife of New Jersey, but one can't help but empathize with Teresa Giudice going to prison and being separated from her family for what will be a very long 15 months. Of course, she did the crime, so she should do the time, but it must be quite a scary reality for any mother who won't be able to look after her daughters for over an entire year. Still, on a less serious note, it's been revealed where Teresa went for her last meal before her prison time began ... and you won't believe where she dined.


You'd think she would have gone all out and had a huge feast before her big prison debut (isn't that what most of us would do?).

Nope. Not the case.

The 42-year-old showed up at Danbury, Connecticut, an hour and 15 minutes before she was allowed to check in. She was hungry, so she and her attorney had her final pre-jail meal, which she should definitely savor, if the food is anything like it is on Orange Is the New Black. (The Federal Correctional Institution, where Teresa will be imprisoned, is the jail upon which the show is based.)

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So be sure to check out Teresa's simple last meal before prison and tell us if you are as shocked as we are. Of course, who knows what she had the night before, but this is still pretty surprising!

What would your last meal before prison be?


Image via teresagiudice/Instagram

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