10 Surprising Celebrity Couples You Never Knew About (PHOTOS)

Matthew and Janet, is that you? Before Matthew McConaughey was an Oscar winner and Janet Jackson introduced "Nipple-gate" into the social lexicon, these two were just a couple of Hollywood A-listers in love. The couple dated in 2002, after meeting at the Grammy Awards, but kept their fling a secret. Janet even gave the old "we're just friends" line to reporters before admitting later that she did, in fact, have a relationship with the bongo-playing Texas actor.

But they are hardly the first Hollywood couple to try to keep a high-profile relationship on the DL.

Read on for 9 more little-known celebrity couplings.

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  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Tasha McCauley


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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a married man! With very little fan-fare, the 33-year-old actor tied the knot in a low-key ceremony on New Year's Eve to his girlfriend, Tasha McCauley, the CEO of a robotics company. 

    The couple has kept their relationship so quiet that Joseph has never even publicly identified her, telling Howard Stern in September 2013 that "the girl that I'm with, she really doesn't want to be a part of it and you can imagine not wanting to have that kind of scrutiny."

    We're guessing that secret babies might be the next move for this press-shy couple.

  • Sean Penn & Jewel


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    Sean Penn has dated his fair share of young Hollywood neophytes, but who knew Jewel was among them?

    The 54-year-old claims to have "discovered" Jewel in 1995 and even directed her "You Were Meant for Me" music video but kept the relationship quiet, likely due to the fact that he was separated from but still married to wife Robin Wright at that point.

    However, Sean and Jewel's brief affair was not to last, and Sean eventually made up with Robin, while Jewel went on to date and marry Ty Murray.

    Sadly, their post-secret affair relationships didn't last either. Jewel announced her split from Ty in the summer of 2014, and Sean pulled the plug one last time on his marriage to Robin in 2010. He is now rumored to be engaged to Charlize Theron.

  • Enrique Iglesias & Sofia Vergara


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    We have to imagine that a relationship between Enrique Iglesias and Sofia Vergara would have been muy caliente, but we'll never really know for sure, as the couple has kept a tight lid on their shared romantic history.

    All we know for sure is that they got together sometime pre-2001, before Enrique became involved with longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova and long before Sofia ever became a household name. 

    However, it seems that secret relationships might be Enrique's thing, as he recently revealed that he just obtained a divorce a few months ago, despite the fact that he has been with Anna since they met in 2001 on the set of one of his music videos.

  • Charlie Sheen & Winona Ryder


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    Considering his recent tendency towards dating adult film stars, it's hard to imagine that Charlie Sheen ever courted the thoughtful and not at all busty Winona Ryder, but that's exactly what happened back in 1986.

    The couple worked together on Winona's film debut, the teen flick Lucas, and dated for a short time thereafter. Charlie even claims to have come up with Winona's stage name during this time:

    "[Winona's] real name is Horowitz. And I said, 'You know, I'm thinking Winona Ryder sounds cool,' and she was like, 'Yeah!'"

    However, like their brief relationship, Winona has never confirmed or denied this version of her name's origin story.

  • Jerry O'Connell and Giuliana Rancic


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    Before they found true love with their spouses and became the parents of two adorable tots a piece, Giuliana Rancic (nee DePandi) and Jerry O'Connell were an item for several years between 2001 and 2004. 

    Their relationship largely fell under-the-radar, despite numerous red carpet appearances, and only really attracted the scrutiny of the tabloids, when the rumor emerged that Jerry dumped Giuliana for now-wife Rebecca Romijn.

  • Simon Cowell & Carmen Electra


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    Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra's relationship was so under-the-radar, they wouldn't even admit that it was one!

    The music producer and the TV personality first got together in December 2012, after having met previously when Carmen was a guest judge on Simon's show, The X Factor.

    Reportedly, things went sour a few years later when Carmen allegedly walked in on Simon cheating on her with his now-baby mama Lauren Silverman

    "Carmen was at Simon's house in LA when she literally busted him with Lauren," said a source. "Simon called her a friend, but there was nothing platonic about what was going on, if you know what I mean."

    After the breakup, Carmen told Oprah that the two were never together, a statement that directly contradicted Simon's own comment to Ryan Seacrest in December that they were dating. 

    "We never dated. We didn't date," she said. "He wasn't my man."

    With an ending like that, can you blame her for wanting to rewrite history a bit?

  • Val Kilmer & Paris Hilton


    Image via Splash News

    Back in 2005, Val Kilmer slammed the media's fascination with Paris Hilton, calling her "famous for nothing," which made the subsequent photos of him making out with the socialite pretty ironic.

    It's not clear from the candid pics, which were leaked onto the Internet in 2006, whether he and Paris had just a single make-out session or a full-blown relationship, but, either way, we're not surprised that Val wanted to keep his dalliance with Paris under the radar, given his comments about her.

  • David Spade & Julie Bowen


    Image via Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images

    Modern Family's Julie Bowen may be happily married these days, both on- and off-screen, but back in 2002, she was just an actress trying to make it in Hollywood by day and arm-candy for boyfriend David Spade on the red carpet by night.

    The two dated for nearly a year before calling it quits. 

  • Bruce Willis & Kim Cattrall


    Image via Splash News

    The action star and SATC's Samantha in a relationship? It's hard to wrap our heads around it, but the couple worked together on the 1990 movie The Bonfire of the Vanities but supposedly didn't reconnect until a party in 2003, after both split from their spouses.

    "He's quietly but intensely romancing Kim," said a source at the time. 

    Alas, their "quiet but intense" relationship ended as quickly as it began a month later with hardly a press report about it.

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