Tara Reid's Naked Instagram Pic Might (Not) Break the Internet (PHOTO)

tara reidIf you take a look at Tara Reid's Instagram feed, you'll be delighted with bikini photo after bikini photo after bikini photo. There are even some underwater shots. It's rather curious for the Sharknado star. Sort of. Maybe she's gunning for a Maxim photoshoot? She wants Esquire to call? She took the whole sexy photo thing one step further though and took it all off. Yes. Tara Reid has a naked Instagram pic and it manages to be safe for work.


Happy New Year ���

ZdjÄ�cie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Tara Reid (@tarareid)Gru 12, 2014 at 3:08 PST


She looks good. Most importantly, she looks happy. But some will no doubt question why she's filling her Instagram with bikini shots of herself, and why she went as far as to show off a photo of herself in the nude, hands covering the naughty bits.

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Eh. I'm not bothered by it. Maybe it makes her feel good to show off her bod -- we're only getting older, my friends. Tara, 39, isn't immune to the aging thing and so here she is ... nude. While it's not going to break the internet like Kim Kardashian's nude photo almost did, it's certainly worth talking about. If it makes her happy ... then why not?

The photo was taken by her unnamed boyfriend while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico. Go Tara! I wonder if Maxim will call?

Do you think Tara's nude photo goes too far?


Image via Tara Reid/Instagram

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