Patrick Schwarzenegger Channels Girlfriend Miley Cyrus, Appears Shirtless & Tattooed (PHOTO)

patrick schwarzeneggerBeing Miley Cyrus's boyfriend has got to be fun. She seems spontaneous and bubbly and loud and, as we all know, she's a great twerker. I bet they dance ... a lot. I'm not saying that Patrick Schwarzenegger needs help in the fun department, but when The Terminator is your dad, I would think that getting wild would be a bit intimidating. Not so for this guy. Or maybe it's just that Miley is rubbing off on him -- proof of that is Patrick's shirtless and tattooed photos all over Instagram.



Patrick's gold star tattoo is a temporary one that his pal Johnny Lowe put on him -- son of Rob Lowe. I bet Miley loves it -- wants one of her own. You know you want to see more of this. And so ... I present to you ... the video thanks to Rob Lowe's other son Matthew.



@patrickschwarzenegger showin off his newest tattoo!

Un video pubblicato da Matthew Lowe (@matthewedwardlowe) in data:Gen 1, 2015 at 12:01 PST


It was reported that Patrick and the Lowe brothers are vacationing in Hawaii. The love birds Miley and Patrick did spend New Year's Eve together and so it's suspected Miley was there with them as well.

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I'm very intrigued by this relationship -- it seems kind of perfect. He gets the whole high profile thing thanks to his famous parents and even though he's a model -- he can blend. Miley, however, cannot blend. I'm fairly certain most of the American population would know who she was if she appeared in their town. And if they didn't, she's one of those people who just stands out thanks to her often playful outfits and hair 'dos. So this gold star tattoo -- perfect for Miley's man.

Do you think Miley and Patrick make a good couple?


Image via Patrick Schwarzenegger/Twitter

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