Paris Hilton Is Trying to be Kim Kardashian in One Major Way (PHOTO)

Paris HiltonKim Kardashian may be the cleavage selfie queen of the world, but there is nothing that Kim has done that Paris Hilton hasn't done first. Whether it's sex tapes, reality shows, or being famous for nothing, Paris has been there/done that. Sure, perhaps Kim did it all more successfully but at least Paris, at 34, still hasn't had any Botox or plastic surgery. Or has she?! A new Paris selfie is looking very Kim Kardashian in one particular way...


Check out Paris's selfie, taken in Las Vegas:

What is you notice about it? Yeah, she's taking it in the bathroom, as former pal Kim loves to do. And yeah, she's pouting just like Kim.

But check out the boobage!!! Okay, it's not the KDash knockers, but they are looking much larger than usual!

Paris has always been proud of her small boobs (she once said you don't need big boobs as long as you have a pretty face -- pearls of widsom!), so hopefully she hasn't gone and gotten a boob job. No matter if she did, her breasts will never rival Kim's (whose do?!) and she looks fine without them.

Since she's wearing a bathrobe and couldn't be using a push-up bra or cutlets, the only way she could have made them bigger is by pushing her arms together, but she doesn't appear to be doing that either.

Hmmm. Perhaps she did get a boob job. What a shame.

Other than that, though, she looks great. Just as pretty and vacuous as ever.

What do you think?


Image via parishilton/Instagram

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