Teresa Guidice's Lies to Her Children Prove She Hasn't Changed

Teresa GuidiceTeresa Guidice is set to go to prison any day now, but apparently her kids are still in the dark. According to RadarOnline.com, Teresa has told her youngest daughters, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 4, that she is "going away for work."


The source told the gossip site that her oldest daughters, Gia, 13, and Gabriella, 10, do know she's headed to the pokey, but that she and Joe feel that the youngest ones "are too young to fully comprehend what's going on."

But at least Teresa isn't telling them she's going away to film The Real Housewives of Borneo Island. Nope, according to another insider, she is telling them she's going to prison -- but not because she did anything bad. She's telling them she's going there to write a book about prison.

Erm, would even a 4-year-old buy this?

Although, the irony is, that's probably exactly what she'll be doing -- writing about the entire thing. You know damn well she will get a book deal upon her release. Mmm, imagine those prison slop recipes! She won't be writing it though, she will be hiring someone to do that. I suppoe she can take notes, however.

This is just another way for Teresa to deny that she ever did anything wrong. She's probably telling the oldest girls that she's going to prison even though she's totally innocent, and telling the youngest she's going to research a gritty novel about life on the inside.

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No doubt as a mom who loves her kids, Teresa is sensitive to their feelings, but why not teach them early that doing bad things gets you punished? My guess is, Teresa is still not admitting she did anything bad.

Lying to her kids while on her way to prison to serve time for her lies -- there's just something so Teresa about that, isn't there?

Should she tell her youngest girls why she's going?


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