Teresa Giudice Gets a Scary Lesson on Prison Life


Teresa GiudiceTeresa Giudice's prison sentence is only five days away, and from what we've heard, she's in for one heck of a rude awakening. Former Danbury inmate Beatrice Codianni spent 15 years in Connecticut's Federal Correctional Institution, and she recently dished about what the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has to look forward to.


Codianni told OK! magazine that the reality star's 15-month sentence will begin with a thorough "strip search and a psychological assessment," and will get her regulation prison uniform. The clothes will have been worn before, including the underwear. "She might be able to keep her own bra, but only if it isn’t underwire," the former inmate divulged. Ew.

And course there are the cramped living quarters, which are a far cry from her posh New Jersey mansion. We're willing to be Teresa hasn't slept in bunk beds since seventh grade camp.

Codianni, who is now a criminal justice advocate said, "Teresa will be told when to get up, when to sleep, when she can shower and when she can eat." Hopefully she won't be forced to eat any bad carbs, because her New Year's resolution is to get her ass back.

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As for her celebrity status -- Codianni warns that it will only hurt her in jail.

"Fellow inmates and the staff look down on white-collar people because they feel that they had every advantage and blew 'em," she said. "And if other inmates offer her snacks or other items, she should be prepared to repay them or pay it forward."

The most important warning for Giudice might the hardest one for her to accomplish -- she must keep her cool and not flip her lid (or any tables).

"She may be tested by other inmates because of her notoriety, more in the way of snide remarks than threats," said Codianni. "The staff will probably warn her not to let anyone get to her. Whatever Teresa does, she can't lose control and get into a physical altercation with anyone."

Looks like it's going to be a tough 15 months for Teresa Giudice. Hopefully she learns her lesson and comes out of the experience a better person.

Do you think Teresa Giudice is in for a world of hurt during her prison sentence?


Image via Teresa Giudice/Instagram

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