Katie Holmes Takes Surprising Dig at Ex Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise, Tom CruiseI was totally wondering what Suri Cruise did for Christmas, weren't you? Well, her mom, Katie Holmes, has decided to let us all know ... Suri did not spend Christmas with Tom Cruise. Got that? After reports surfaced that Katie had invited TC to spend the day with her and Suri, Katie was all, Nuh-uh. Hells no! Her rep told People magazine:

Katie did not spend Christmas afternoon with Tom Cruise. She and Suri spent Christmas afternoon visiting children at a local hospital in L.A.

Are we clear??!!! Tom Cruise was nowhere around, capiche?!


It's unclear why People magazine decided to call Katie's rep and ask if Suri and Tom had spent the day together ... or maybe Katie's rep just decided to let People magazine know that Tom Cruise was not there.

Okay, so it's quite possible those two have a custody arrangement where they split holidays and Suri spends Christmas with mom and Scientology Day with dad. Just guessing.

Anyway, you have to wonder what is going on with Katie. That was kind of a pointed thing to say ... sort of passive-aggressive. Like she just really wanted it out there that Tom was not around.

But they spent the day at a children's hospital, so that's nice.

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Although it seems like we never see Tom and Suri together (let alone Tom, Suri, and Katie) anymore, let's face it. (The pic above is from 2010.)


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