Idina Menzel Defends Her Botched 'Let It Go' New Year's Eve Performance (VIDEO)

idina menzelSometimes as a singer, even if you're super-talented and opt to perform live, you just can't win. During Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest on December 31, amazing singer Idina Menzel performed "Let It Go" and was met with a ton of criticism for not hitting that infamous high note. Viewers weren't fans of her rendition, unable to let it go themselves, even joking that her "evil twin," Adele Dazeem -- the name that John Travolta mistakenly called her during the Oscars in 2014 and quickly took over the Internet -- was performing in her place.


If she had lip synched the song, she would have been criticized too for doing so. Come on, imagine trying to sing a powerful song like that in the freezing temperatures with everyone watching -- talk about pressure!

So she responded in such a classy way that will hopefully shut her haters up. She tweeted a quote from an interview she had with Southwest: The Magazine:

"There are about 3 million notes in a two-and-a-half-hour musical; being a perfectionist, it took me a long time to realize that if I'm hitting 75 percent of them, I'm succeeding," part of it read.

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She's a human being, and she can't be expected to sound dazzlingly perfect every single time, especially with such a powerful song like "Let It Go." The 43-year-old is a veteran Broadway actress and has definitely proven she has mega-talent. These critics should go stand outside in the freezing cold and see how great they sound when they're singing a song most likely everyone is sick and tired of listening to. It's definitely not as easy as it looks!

Check out her performance:

[HD] Idina Menzel - Let It Go - Rockin Eve 15 by IdolxMuzic

Do you think people are right to criticize this performance?


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