Taylor Swift Makes Fans Cry in Most Epic Surprise Ever (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift

I know that there are many Taylor Swift haters out there; I'm really not sure why. Not only is she talented, she's truly one of the most sincere celebrities out there. And if you didn't hear about "Swiftmas," then we think we can prove what a gem Taylor is and how much she loves her fans with just one video.


Here's the deal. In late 2014, Taylor started letting her fans know she was keeping tabs on their lives via social media. She knew everything from who was in their circle of friends to what were their hearts' biggest desires. Fans knew Taylor was listening in when a "Santa Claus" symbol appeared in their comments. This was followed by large FedEx boxes filled to the brim with hand-picked, personalized gifts showing up at their homes. They were addressed to these select fans ... from Taylor herself! Watch the amazingness of this story unfold here (and we dare you to try and not cry!):

Here's why I'm so moved by this video. Taylor did this all on her own and she is one busy gal right about now. She found the fans that resonated the most with her, she forged a connection with them, and she took the time to create a meaningful package for each. Taylor even wrapped the gifts up and boxed them up with no help (well, except for her curious kitties Olivia and Meredith) and, for a few lucky fans -- hand delivered them!

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You can see the joy in Taylor's eyes as she touches these fans' lives and gives them a holiday surprise they will never forget. When I was a tween, I was obsessed with the New Kids on the Block. I sent them cards and gifts, I even invited them to my bat mitzvah and never got back anything other than a mass produced invite to join their fan club (which of course I did). Granted, social media did not exist back then, but I know what it would have meant to get even a tiny signal that they knew I was alive. I know with absolute certainty that Taylor is making a positive impact on these fans that will affect them forever!

What is your reaction to "Swiftmas"?


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