​Kim Kardashian Comes Clean About Her Marriage in Crazy Twitter Rant

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If Kim Kardashian fought back every time the media criticized her or gossip blogs wrote about her, the woman would literally never stop talking. Sometimes, though, things are taken too far and she just can't sit there and stay quiet. On Wednesday, in light of all the recent gossip that's ironically claimed that Kim's both pregnant with baby number two and having marital problems with Kanye, the reality star took to Twitter to, well, go off. Check out Kim's kind of awesome, kind of hilarious Twitter rant.


Kim and Kanye are "literally obsessed with each other," you guys, okay? They're actually thinking of getting restraining orders against one another. JK. 

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I kinda love that Kim came out against the rampant rumors about her "pregnancy" and the marital problems she's having with Kanye. It has to be incredibly tiresome to constantly hear things that aren't true about your relationship and life. I'm sure it just got to a point where she couldn't take it anymore. Good for her for squashing the gossip. 

It seems like for as long as Kim Kardashian is alive, we're going to hear gossip about her (so long as Kris Jenner has her way, anyway). Kim is smart to choose her battles. But, for the record, it's probably a good idea she doesn't go online and read about herself too often. It's unlikely she's ever going to like what she sees. 

Do you think Kim and Kanye are having marital problems?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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