Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin (Maybe) Spent New Year's Eve Together (PHOTO)

Talk about bad timing. Just one day after we learned Gwyneth Paltrow might regret consciously uncoupling from Chris Martin because she believes her two children would have wanted them to stay together, a new photo is making the rounds that shows Jennifer Lawrence enjoying an intimate sushi dinner with Martin and it is believed that the image was captured on New Year's Eve, which could only mean one thing: the two have reconciled because, well, why else would you spend New Year's Eve together?


The 24-year-old actress and 37-year-old singer dated for four months and broke up in October. Now, for lots of couples, four months might be enough time to have a few good laughs and maybe start to fall in love, but it probably wouldn't make or break you. But it seemed like JLaw and Gwyn's ex were getting mighty serious there for a while -- meeting each other's family members and reportedly making holiday plans.

It's also been rumored that they've met up several times after their split and no one is entirely sure what the heck is actually going on between these two. Martin apparently spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day with Gwyneth and their kids because they are the most amicable exes on the planet who can peacefully break bread without wanting to hurl silverware across the room. Maybe Martin felt New Year's Eve was for lovers?

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So, here's the photo that has been posted on Tumblr and Twitter and everywhere else. Take this rumor with a grain of salt. Some folks are swearing up and down that it was taken on NYE, while others say their dinner date took place on Dec. 30. And, of course, there's always the possibility that this was captured months ago, though that would mean the person who took this photo was disciplined enough to keep it to himself for all of that time -- not likely.

Do you think JLaw and Chris are back together?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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