​Teresa Giudice Makes the Most Ridiculous New Year's Resolution (VIDEO)

teresa giudice

Teresa Giudice truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Days before The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is set to head off to prison for 15 months, she, alongside Dina Manzo, made a few New Year's resolutions. Now, Teresa's resolutions aren't the kind of promises you'd think someone heading off to jail would make -- IE, things like be a better person; own up to her mistakes, etc. Nope, Tre's resolution is to "stop eating bad carbs," because she wants to get her "ass" back. 

No words. 


You know, there was a small period where I really felt for Teresa -- there's a part of me that still does, actually. Here's a mother of four young children about to be apart from her family for a long period of time because of something that's predominantly her husband's fault. But man. Clearly, this woman has learned nothing. I get wanting to play it close to the vest and not get all deep and emotional in the public eye, but "stop eating bad carbs"? That's an exceptionally vapid resolution for someone who's heading off to the slammer. 

Teresa's resolution-making video with Dina also took another odd turn. At one point, Dina said that she wanted to be more spontaneous in 2015 and do things like take spur of the moment trips. Instead of, I dunno, not saying anything all, Teresa responded to Dina's resolution with, "You should! I have four little ones so I can't do that." It's as if she's in complete denial of the fact that she's heading off to jail.

I don't know, you guys. I'm not quite sure Teresa will ever learn. I suppose there's a chance that being in jail for over a year will be an eye-opening experience for her, but something tells me that once she comes out, it's going to be as if nothing ever happened.

Do you think Teresa will change after going to jail? 


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