Kim Kardashian's Plan to Control Kanye West Is Going to Drive Him CRAZY

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Snort. That Kim Kardashian is one smart cookie sometimes. Have you heard the news that she and Kanye West bought the house next door to their new Hidden Hills mansion? Yep. At first we assumed they just want to make sure no rowdy neighbors move in and rain on their parade, but now it looks as though there is a totally legit reason they jumped at the chance to scoop up the pad.


According to TMZ, Kimye plans on expanding their existing property to around five acres. It will just so happen to include a recording studio, you know, so Kanye won't have an excuse to jet off to Paris to work on his albums anymore.

Yep. He'll basically be forced to stay at home with Kim and Nori whether he likes it or not, although it sounds like there will be plenty of other activities he can partake in during his leisure time.

Supposedly the expansion will also include a basketball court, movie theater, spa, game room, guest house, and a "giant park for kids." There will really be no need for any member of the family to venture beyond the gates of the estate at that point.

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And while no one can really blame them for building their own personal resort right on the grounds of their own home, who else thinks being chained to the house is going to push Kanye right over the edge? OMG. He's so accustomed to being in control of every aspect of his life (including Kim), so cutting out trips across the pound and time alone to do his thing definitely has the potential to make him snap.

But who knows? Maybe being confined to the property will be just the thing Kim and Kanye need to bring them closer together as a couple and strengthen their marriage. There's really no better way to put a relationship to the test than by spending practically every waking moment together.

Do you think Kim is trying to keep tabs on Kanye with this expansion?


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