Justin Bieber Wipes Out While Trying to Wow Crowd With His Skateboarding Skills (VIDEO)

Holy Moses, I can only hope that Justin Bieber is in on the joke that is becoming Justin Bieber. I know how awful that sounds and I apologize -- he is only 20, after all, and who hasn't seen video of himself at that age and not blanched in horror? But I don't know what else to think when I see him rocking a women's tunic and baggy leather pants (the words "baggy" and "leather" should never be used in the same sentence, by the way, but I digress) as he attempts a skateboard stunt in a very public place in New York City and fails miserably. And by "fails miserably," I mean has his behind handed back to him as he plummets down a staircase in front of Madison Square Garden.


So here's what happened: on a recent trip to NYC, a bleached-blond Justin decided he needed to be taken seriously as a skateboard pro, even though he makes a gazillion dollars a year singing pop songs that melt the hearts of 10-year-old girls everywhere. The young squire decided to try out a stunt, not at some park downtown, but in one of the most crowded areas in Manhattan: Madison Square Garden.

Because there aren't little staircases like this one everywhere in the city, I guess? But, again, I digress.

Obviously, Justin knew he would be filmed, and, obviously, he either could care less or cares a whole lot and did this precisely so that he could be filmed. None of us will ever fully comprehend the inner workings of this mastermind's brain, but we can all sit back and enjoy the results.

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Did I say "enjoy"? I meant, be amazed by the fact that he keeps falling down -- and at one point, really takes a bad tumble -- yet continues to get up and try again. The more I watch this vid, the more I want to eat my previous words and bitter sarcasm because this child is nothing if not persistent, which is really quite admirable.

Here's Justin, Mastermind, Skateboard Wiz, and possibly -- judging by his very public appearance -- a pop star on the verge of releasing a secret album any minute now ...

What are your thoughts on Justin's public skateboard stunt?


Image via justinbieber/Instagram

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