Christina Aguilera Gets Into Big Fight -- With Mickey Mouse (PHOTO)

It's supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, but Disneyland brought out the absolute worst in singer and mom Christina Aguilera. She reportedly called poor Mickey Mouse an "a**hole," which prompted members of her crew to follow suit and threaten everybody's (well, I guess not everybody's) favorite, lovable character. The crazy started when The Voice star visited the theme park to celebrate her 34th birthday. The big mouse didn't bend to her one birthday wish and paid for it.


Christina and her people wanted to get a photo with Mickey, but he was reportedly going on break and she was told she would have to wait. I'm guessing Xtina isn't used to being told she can't have everything she wants right now, because rumor has it she went ballistic and began insulting the guy.

After her crew joined in the yelling and screaming battle -- in the midst of which Christina reportedly uttered the always cringe-worthy question, "Do you know who I am?" -- security was called and Mickey had to be quarantined and kept away from the public.

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Christina's people have yet to comment on the incident. If you look at the singer's Instagram page, you'd never know anything went down. Xtina posted this cute photo with the caption, "Fun birthday celebration at the happiest place on earth #disneyland"

Anyone else suspect she just lost a fan?

What do you think about this rumor? Can you picture Christina doing this at Disneyland?


Images via xtina/Instagram

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