Kim Kardashian's Complaints Show What an Insensitive Sister She Is


As any Kardashian fan knows, Kim didn't have it easy when it came to conceiving North. In fact, according to TMZ, North West is a miracle baby. Kim reportedly had three different specialists tell her she couldn't get pregnant before North was conceived. And now she and Kanye are trying for baby number two ... and trying and trying and trying, but nothing is happening. Sources say the Wests were under the assumption that having another child would be easy(ish) since it already worked once before, but that's not the case at all. Kim supposedly goes to monthly doctor's appointments, and she and Kanye are really bummed out that nothing's happening. Kim, understandably, has been venting to her family about her fertility issues, and, so say the tabloids at least, it's kind of pissing Khloe off. 


According to Hollywood Live (AKA Grain of Saltville), "Khloé would willingly give both her arms to have a baby and a husband and she thinks that Kim is totally misguided and missing the big picture." The source added, "She’s literally tired of Kim always playing the victim. And not only that, Khloé feels Kim’s draining the family for emotional support and comfort and taking the fun and joy out of Christmas and the New Year."

Ugh. If this is true, doesn't really sound fun to be either party in this situation. On the one hand, Kim has every right to feel upset that she's having trouble having another baby. But, on the other, at least she has a baby. Kim is certainly entitled to complain, but maybe she should do it to someone other than Khloe, who wants children but doesn't have any. 

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In an ideal world, both Kim and Khloe will get pregnant some time in the near future and can share in the joyous time together. But chances of that happening are slim, so hopefully the sisters can find a way to support and be happy for one another -- and know when and where to keep their mouths shut.  

Do you think Kim is out of line complaining in front of Khloe?


Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

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