Miley Cyrus Posts Topless Photo So Risky It Has Already Been Taken Down (PHOTOS)

I wonder sometimes if Miley Cyrus ever thinks past this very moment in time. The singer and actress said to hell with trying to impress her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger's parents because her quest to "Free the Nipple" is obviously infinitely more important. The 22-year-old posted a black-and-white photo of herself on Instagram laying in bed totally topless -- nipples and all -- for the sake of free speech. Or something like that. Anyway, it has already been taken down because, you know, nipples and all that, but not before everyone on earth was able to capture a screenshot.


Miley predicted this portrait wouldn't make it past three hours online and she captioned it, "Some lame ass deff gonna [flag] that but f–kkkkkkk it. #practicewhatchupreach #FreeTheNipple #FreedatS**t."

And here it is -- the censored version:

For anyone who is unfamiliar with it, Free the Nipple is an equality grassroots campaign that aims to get people thinking about women's breasts and nipples the way they do men's. Lots of folks -- including several celebs -- have argued that photos of topless women are treated like contraband and that it shouldn't be illegal for a woman to walk around topless or post photos of herself without a bra.

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Perhaps because her photo was removed from the site, Miley decided to up the ante and put her photoshop to use -- but the results were somewhat disturbing. Here's her follow-up photo, featuring five young Miley heads on top of topless bodies:

And then there was this one:

Um, yeah. Weird. Creepy. Please. Remove. Your point is now lost on me, Miley.

I'll give her this much: Miley puts her money where her mouth is. As a vocal advocate of the movement, she can always be counted on to "free" her nipples for the benefit of every single one of her social media followers. Whether her efforts are changing the world or not remains to be seen -- but you have to admit the girl is committed.

What are your thoughts on Miley's topless photos?


Images via mileycyrus/Instagram


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