Kim Kardashian Scares North West By Introducing Her to Santa Claus (PHOTO)

To most of us, Santa Claus is a harmless jolly old man whom we wish could still bring us a few grown-up toys. But we forget how frightening it must be for a child to meet this strangely dressed man, with his crazy, bushy beard, for the first time. We thrust our little ones onto velvet laps and hope for the best. In Kim Kardashian's case, all didn't go as planned when she and Kanye West introduced little North West to Santa at Kris Jenner's annual Christmas Eve party.


The story behind this photo is actually pretty cute. Kris has been hiring the same man to play Santa at her party since her kids were kids, and when you catch a glimpse of him you'll see why: he looks just like Santa Claus. It's pretty remarkable.

Know who wouldn't agree with that statement? You guessed it.

Kim posted this photo on her Instagram with the caption, "North is still warming up to Santa. The same Santa has come to my moms Christmas Eve party since I was a kid. I love sharing the tradition with my baby girl! hope everyone had the best Christmas"

If you've been around young children, you probably know that lip quiver pretty well. North West is probably receiving the doll of every girl's dreams from Santa, but looks like she'd rather be anywhere else on earth. Like Paris, maybe?

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It just goes to show that, no matter how many celebrities, fashion designers, and gazillionaires baby North has met in her 18 months on the planet, Santa is the most impressive stranger of all.

How did your baby respond to Santa?


Images via kimkardashian/Instagram


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