Taylor Swift's Friend Wants to Hook Her Up With Orlando Bloom (PHOTOS)

We know Taylor Swift has a type: British, musician, hot. Well, two out of three ain't bad, I guess. The singer's buddy Ed Sheeran has decided he knows exactly who she should date: Orlando Bloom. His reason is simple: they both own apartments in a swanky complex in New York City. He's lovely, she's lovely -- once they finally meet, magic will happen, he predicts. But, judging by Taylor's recent photos, she has other things on her mind.


The star, whose album 1989 has been at the top of the Billboard charts for six weeks, donned an all-black rocker chick outfit on the day after Christmas and was spotted on her private jet -- not with a new boyfriend or with any of her many supermodel friends -- but with her family and beloved cats.

Yep, cats. Taylor's mom gave her these adorable personalized cat carrying cases for Christmas:

And Taylor doesn't keep her kitties in them while on her plane. She captioned this cute photo, "She was completely exhausted from all the other naps she had taken that day:"

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Taylor doesn't need to be fixed up. She may or may not be dating Matt Healy from the band The 1975 at this very moment. She may or may not be dating one of thousands of other guys, and if she's not, she's certainly out every other night having the time of her life. Or flying around in her private jet with her family and cats. Either way, not a bad life.

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As for whether Ed is on the money about a love connection between Taylor and Orlando -- who once hooked up with Selena Gomez, we hear -- I'm not seeing it. He's too ... mature. Is "mature" the word I'm looking for? Sure, she has dated actors before so this wouldn't be quite an issue, but I don't sense chemistry here.

Do you think Taylor and Orlando would make a good couple?


Images via taylorswift/Instagram

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