Justin Bieber Gives Craziest Gift Ever -- To Himself (PHOTO)

It would be difficult enough deciding what to get Justin Bieber if you were unlucky enough to have to buy him something for Christmas. Imagine the great stress the pop star must feel when it comes to what he should buy for himself on the holidays! Oh, wait, you don't buy yourself anything for Christmas? Well, tell that to Justin, who took to Instagram to show off the most obnoxious, insanely expensive gift any human could purchase.


After a long week spent playing beer pong with friends, firing Nerf guns at Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, and showing off the most bling-tastic diamond bracelets we've ever seen, Justin decided to top off his holiday by making a multi-million dollar purchase for himself: a private jet.

As far as we know, Justin isn't training to become a pilot -- but, hey, I could be wrong about that. We do know that he's everywhere all of the time, so maybe this incredibly extravagant purchase made perfect sense to him. I'm guessing when you run with his crowd, buying a jet is like buying a car. A Ferrari, maybe. Definitely not a sensible four-door sedan.

So, of course, as a man of the people, Justin showed off his purchase with fans on his social media accounts. He posted this photo with the caption, "New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful:"

His crazy jet obviously has enough room to accommodate every single person he knows:

Given Justin's track record of getting in trouble up in the sky and annoying pilots and flight attendants everywhere, perhaps he decided the easiest thing to do would be to take matters into his own hands and buy a jet so that he could get away with doing whatever he wants on it.

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Let's hope Justin's financial planner approved this purchase and that he has plenty of money left over in his savings account after this.

What do you think about Justin's Christmas purchase to himself?


Images via justinbieber/Instagram

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