Kanye West Denies Kim Kardashian the 1 Thing No Husband Should

kim kardashian kanye westFile this one under: Ridiculous, But Not All That Surprising. According to reports, Kanye West wants a bigger closet than Kim Kardashian in their new $20 million Bel Air house. Radar Online somehow obtained the plans for their mansion, which is still in progress, and Kanye's closet measures in at 15 feet while Kim's is "only" 12. It's kind of weird, being that Kim more or less lives for clothes, and Kanye more or less lives in Paris, but hey -- Kanye's way or the highway seems to be the name of the game in their relationship.  


To be fair, it definitely is debatable when it comes to who loves clothing more, Kim or Kanye, but being that Kim will likely spend much more time at the home, it only seems fair that she get the bigger closet, no? (Then again, their home has five other bedrooms, so perhaps Kim will be using one of them for shoes, handbags, and earrings.)

I'm actually pretty surprised that Kim and Kanye purchased such an expensive and elaborate house, being that they're both busy and traveling all the time (there's a maid's quarters, a fitness room, a game room, a screening room!). Sure, it sounds like an amazing place, but how often are they going to get to enjoy it? My vote is that Rob moves in with them and gets to luxuriate in all the amenities when they're out of town in exchange for maintaining the pool. 

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But, back to the closets. Who knows if K and K had any kind of convo about who gets the bigger one, but I can't imagine Kanye being an easy person to win an argument with. And, if there wasn't a conversation, it would have been nice for Kanye to do the chivalrous thing and offer it to his wife. Then again, I'm not sure if it's possible for a 12-foot room to house all of the rapper's leather pants. 

Do you think Kim should have gotten the bigger closet?

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